How to create your own RSS-Feed on WordPress

Today I had the need to create a custom RSS-Feed from the blog posts over at the SixSigns Blog. Somehow, I ended up searching for hours around on the WordPress Wiki pages, but could only find how to customize it, but not how to build it and integrate it.

This is a summary of the steps I did from reading at different sources.

  1. Download the Feed Wrangler Plugin. Feed Wrangler is a simple plugin that allows one to create custom feeds for their WordPress blog. You can customize the structure of that feed by creating a corresponding file in your blog theme, otherwise the custom feed will default to your RSS2 feed.
  2. Create a feed with your desired name. Once you created it you will see the name of the feed in the list.
  3. Copy the file feed-rss2.php from your wp-includes folder and rename it to your custom feed.
  4. Customize the feed template to your heart content.

That’s it. You should now be able to access your custom feed with

Happy bloging.